Welcome to our Mario Games website. Here you can play all your favorite Super Mario Games Online. Mario first hit the video game scene in the game Donkey Kong originally created for the Atari game system, and made even more popular in the arcade crazed 1980's. Mario later found himself staring in his own video game, Super Mario Bros, for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which was released October 18th, 1985.

Mario set the bar at a very high level, and other games found it very hard to compete with it. Mario games have come a long way in the last two decades, from the original 2D side scroller, to the new 3D ultra animated, ultra smooth animations that you see on todays modern systems.

Super Mario has found it's way in to the hearts of millions around the world. Our site is dedicated to the flash mario games inspired by the original masterpiece. We hope your enjoy our Mario exclusive arcade, and please tell your friends.

Mario Kart Underground Mario Kart Underground

This is a parody video of Mario Kart and Need For Speed Underground.

Ultimate Mario Game Quiz Ultimate Mario Game Quiz

Answer numerous questions on different mario games, featuring luigi, toad, princess, bowser and more!

Make Mario Up Make Mario Up

Dress Up Mario change him into Luigi style clothing and other funky polka dot striped clothes.

Mario Video Poker Mario Video Poker

Wager a bet from 5 dollars to one thousand. Deal out the cards, select which to keep, and (hopefully) win!

Mario Brother 1 Mario Brother 1

Super Mario type game run through caves and caverns avoid koopa troopas and goombas.

Mario Brother 2 Mario Brother 2

An awesome game taken from the Nintendo. Your Mario and you have dodge the bad guys and get to the end of each level to save your brother!

Mario Brother 3 Mario Brother 3

A fun and addicting free online flash version of Super Mario Brothers 3.

Mario Castle Shoot Mario Castle Shoot

Defend your castle by buying weapons and shooting anything in sight.

Mario Mini Game Mario Mini Game

Jump around the platforms as Mario, pick up the coins and avoid the koopa troopas.

Super Mario Sunshine 64 Super Mario Sunshine 64

Flash mario brothers game based on the original super mario sunshine game.

Hungry Hungry Mario Hungry Hungry Mario

Jump around as Mario on the platforms pick up the dots but don't fall off.

Super Flash Mario Brothers Super Flash Mario Brothers

Play some side scrolling platform action in this fun cool super mario game.

Mario Rush Arena Mario Rush Arena

Help Mario in this little game to kill the evil Goomba and Koopa in various levels.

Mario Time Attack Mario Time Attack

Some Lakitu has kidnapped princess Peach, you have to help Mario run against time and bring her back!

Super Mario Rampage Super Mario Rampage

Run around shooting enemies before you run into them or they hit you!

Super Mario Halloween Edition Super Mario Halloween Edition

Run around as Mario jump on goombas, kick shells and pick up coins to increase high score.

Super Mario Flash V2 Super Mario Flash V2

Run through the level as Mario, jump on koompas, avoid koopa troopas and collect coins.

Super Mario Hardcore Super Mario Hardcore

Listen to hardcore music and kill those pesky enemies with guns and other bloody weapons.

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